World’s First Antibacterial Phone Designed To Be Durable, Rugged And Bacteria-Safe

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World’s First Antibacterial Phone Designed To Be Durable, Rugged And Bacteria-SafeCAT

Our phones are among the most contaminated objects we come into contact with on a regular basis, and that’s not just because of Covid-19.

Back in 2017, a study found that our phone screens are an estimated 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. If we’re honest, most of us probably don’t remember to wipe our screens down with an anti-bac every time we’ve been out, but one UK company has come up with an alternative: creating the world’s first antibacterial phone.


Bullitt Group says it has ‘enhanced’ its Cat S42 smartphone with antimicrobial protection, which essentially prevents bacteria from spreading or multiplying on the device.

Cat Phones / Bullitt Group

The Cat S42 is treated with silver ions during manufacturing, which the company says inhibits the growth of microbes on its surface. Bullitt says tests of the Biomaster antimicrobial technology showed that it reduced bacteria growth by 80% within 15 minutes, eliminating 99% of microbes within 24 hours.

The S42 is a new version of the existing Cat smartphone, which was already dust and waterproof, and the company says users can wash the phone with soap, and even bleach, for greater protection.

Cat Phones / Bullitt Phones

Peter Cunningham, Bullitt Group VP for Product Portfolio, said in a statement:

Throughout 2020 we have consistently been driving awareness of the importance of mobile hygiene for us all…

Using a Cat phone already allows [users] to have confidence that they can wash and sanitise their Cat phone regularly… The addition of antimicrobial product protection into the Cat S42 is another first for Cat phones, and will make the Cat S42 safer for users – such an important feature in the current climate.


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The Cat S42 is a rugged smartphone designed for durability – think construction workers and other contractors – that costs £229. They’re part of the Caterpillar brand, which is probably better known for its tractors and construction equipment. And while Cat phones are definitely not the most stylish products on the market, it seems like this new device might just be the safest!


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