World’s First Track-less Train Opens


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the world’s first track-less train!

Well, I mean, it’s kind of just a tram-bus hybrid in all fairness, but hey it’s being marketed as a trackless train so that’s what we’re gonna call it.

This smart train, known as an Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit can travel up to speeds of 43 miles per hour.

Train manufacturer dons CRRC Corporation began work on the contemporary technology in 2013, reports the Daily Mail.


It is projected to be rolled out into other cities next year.

The trains hold 300 passengers (900 if people remove their bags from available seats! Jokes).

They are said to have a life span of around 25 years, with a charging time of just 10 minutes.


So how do they work when it comes to… driving and navigation? The tracks are replaced by dotted lines painted on the roads.

The currently have drivers but are expected to become fully automated in the scary AI future.

Should England invest in these?