You Can Activate Borat As A Voice Assistant On Amazon Alexa

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You Can Activate Borat As A Voice Assistant On Amazon AlexaAmazon Prime Video/PA

Borat has returned with a new film that has had dramatic repercussions, much like the original. To promote the film, the actor behind the character has lent his talents to Amazon’s Alexa, making for an interesting assistant. 

Sacha Baron Cohen’s character, Borat, is currently entertaining viewers on Amazon Prime with the new film, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.


Fittingly, Amazon is integrating the character into its Alexa products, and users simply need to ask the assistant ‘Alexa, open Borat Assistant’ to change the voice that helps with daily tasks. Although it is worth noting that the assistant is best to be used when children are not present.

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How helpful the assistant will be remains to be seen, but the voice is entertaining Alexa users already. The Borat assistant can sing a song, tell a joke and also report the news. This will undoubtedly delight fans, but as one Twitter user noted it may annoy some members of the household. Fortunately, for those who aren’t a fan of Borat, the voice is only available for a limited time.

There will be a point when Alexa’s voice will return, but this won’t stop fans enjoying the comedic stylings of the character in the meantime. This appears to be a clever piece of marketing synergy that should encourage users of Amazon’s Alexa to visit Prime Video and experience the film. It may even lead to new subscribers, which is ultimately the goal of exclusive content. With that said, fans of the original film may just enjoy the opportunity to hear the character sing again.


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