You Can Finally Retract Drunk Texts Before They’re Read With This App

by : UNILAD on : 29 Mar 2016 11:00
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We’ve all been there, 3:00am drunk text messages – some get us in trouble, some are hilarious, and some leave us wanting to run away.


Mostly, they make us want to run away. So finally, developers have created an app that lets you retract those awful, regrettable texts and photos.

Privates combines messaging with industrial-strength encryption to bring you the Fort Knox of messaging apps.

Most definitely made for those who love a drink, the app has a handful of security features including screenshot protection, self-destructive messages and – best of all – a message recall feature allowing users to instantly retract messages.


So if you accidentally send a photo to the wrong person or think twice about texting your ex, fear not. Once you press the recall button, it deletes the unopened message on their phone. Heaven in an app.

Basically, if you’re someone who is prone to making regrettable decisions, this is made for you.

To make it even better, developers have put it on the App store for free. But sorry Android users – it’s only available on iOS for now.

With all the hacks going on lately, this is a top notch idea.

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    Finally, You Can Retract Drunk Texts Before They’re Read With This New App