You Can Now Buy Speakers For Your Vagina

babypod vagina speakersBabypod/Pexels

In the most 2019 move ever, a company has invented speakers which can be inserted into your vagina.

There are plenty of products available on the market which you can stick up your vagina – if you have one – and that now includes the speakers.

Described as ‘a small intravaginal device’, the Babypod speakers are designed to play your favourite tunes to your unborn child in the womb.

Costing $150, the small speaker can be plugged into any device that plays music, and then be inserted into the vagina.

While the speaker gently plays out the audio in the womb, you can also listen along using the attached earphones.

Although the device is designed to play music to the baby, I suppose you can introduce the child to your favourite podcast, audiobook or radio station as well.

On their website, the Spanish company claims the product is one of a kind, writing:

Scientific studies show that is the only one that stimulates the vocalisation of babies before birth through music and encourages their neural development. With Babypod, the strongest bond starts through music and inside the belly. It will be the first shared experience between a mother and her baby, and the child’s first musical and learning experience.

Babypod is the only product of its kind scientifically guaranteed. It has been tested and approved by Institut Marquès, an internationally renowned centre in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction.

For parents, it is also an unforgettable and exciting experience and the first shared with your baby. Quite a show. Give your baby a universal stimulus, send a message from the womb and make sure it is heard.

It is a popular belief that a foetus can benefit from listening to music, with many people playing their unborn child classical music.

babypod speakersBabypod

Understanding that music has positive effects on babies’ brain development in the first months of their lives, Babypod thought why not start this before the baby is born?

Hearing is actually one of the first senses embryos develop, becoming fully developed after sixteen week which is when they start perceiving sounds from both the inside and outside.

With the uterus protecting the unborn baby with multiple layers of soft tissue, sounds from the outside become extremely muffled.

However, with the Babypod speaker ‘sounds reach the baby without distortion’ so they can hear the music clearly.

You can find out more about Babypod on their website.

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