You Can Now Get A Remote-Controlled Baby Yoda

by : Hannah Smith on : 27 Oct 2020 13:19
You Can Now Get A Remote-Controlled Baby YodaMattel

Baby Yoda stole the hearts of fans all over the world when he first appeared on our screens (and in our GIFs) last year. You love Baby Yoda, I love Baby Yoda, everyone on Earth loves Baby Yoda.

And while Disney was initially slow to capitalise on our collective Baby Yoda obsession, it’s been catching up fast, with just about every toy you can think of getting the full Baby Yoda treatment. There’s build-a-bear Baby Yoda, Funko Baby Yoda, Lego Baby Yoda, Pandora Baby Yoda charms, the list goes on.


And with season two of The Mandalorian set to premiere on Friday, October 30, the company is bombarding fans with yet more Baby Yoda merchandise.


It’s latest offering? A remote-controlled Baby Yoda that actually waddles around your home, as Nerdist points out. The animatronic ‘Real Moves Plush’ version of the character officially called The Child – but known around the world as Baby Yoda – was recently revealed by Mattel, and it’s about as close to the real thing as you can get.

The remote-controlled toy is slightly smaller than the animatronic version used in the series, measuring in at 11 inches tall, but it comes with a whole load of features to bring it to life.


RC Baby Yoda can move its head, waggle its ears, and perhaps most adorably, stretch out its tiny little arms in an attempt to control the force. It also comes snuggled up in the same cozy robes seen in the series, although sadly it doesn’t seem like Mattel have managed to recreate the floating cradle.

This is far from the first animatronic Baby Yoda to hit the shelves, but it is the first one that can totter about on its own. Videos of the toy in action show it shuffling around a house in a pretty realistic fashion, with the owner able to control its movements using a remote control wrist-strap just like the tracking devices used by Mando in the series.

The Real Moves Plush is available to buy for $60. And if that’s still not enough Baby Yoda for you, don’t worry. Disney are doing weekly Mando Mondays merch drops, so there’s plenty more still to come.


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