You Can Now Pre-Book Uber Rides In London


Uber London

Waiting for an Uber ride to be available could be a thing of the past with the latest addition of advanced booking in London. 

Uber announced today that users with a business profile will be able to book a ride in advance as of today, with the service rolling out to non-business users in the next couple of weeks.

Book your Uber ride up to 30 days in advance

Uber advanced booking

You will be able to book a ride well in advance up to a month, so you can book from as little as 15mins in advance to weeks ahead of your planned journey. This will make life extremely easier and makes it more convenient when trying to streamline your journey.

Uber’s advanced booked service will no doubt infuriate London cab drivers even more as that’s probably one of the things currently setting them apart.

Having said that, it is said that Uber’s surge feature which increases journey pricing when there’s a huge demand for rides, will affect those booking in advance, but it’s a small price to pay for important journeys.