Epic New 8400 Mile Train Will Take You From London To Tokyo


Soon you’ll be able to travel by train from London to Japan, covering an epic total of 8,400 miles.

The Russian government is in serious talks with Japan, finalising plans for a Trans-Siberian rail line that will link the countries together.

The trains will run through Germany and Poland before entering Eastern Europe and then Russia.


The route will include a £4 billion, 28-mile bridge across the Sea of Japan and you’ll also be able to marvel at the snow-capped mountains in Siberia while passing.

The link has been described as ‘a bridge across history’ as Moscow and Tokyo have never signed a treaty formally ending the hostilities of World War Two.

This was due to Stalin taking over the Kuril Islands in 1945 – the subject of a historical territorial dispute.


However, Putin is keen to boost investment in far east Russia and relations are warming so it’s the perfect time to introduce the new train.

As reported by The Siberian Times, Russian’s vice premier Igor Shuvalov said:

We are seriously offering our Japanese partners to consider the construction of a mixed road and railway passage from Hokkaido to southern part of Sakhalin.

We are close to starting our part of the job.


Shuvalov also added that Japan would become a ‘continental state’ once the rail line becomes reality.

The plans were unveiled at Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum hosted in Vladivostok by Putin.