You Can Run Doom On The Nintendo Game And Watch Console

by : Daniel Richardson on : 24 Nov 2020 17:39

When Doom was originally released, it was a benchmark for first-person shooters; a lot has changed since then, as fans now attempt to play the game on every machine impossible. The latest system to run Doom is the Nintendo Game and Watch. 

The Nintendo Game and Watch was the first handheld game console made by Nintendo in 1980. To mark its 40-year anniversary, the system has been rereleased, and naturally, players have begun tinkering with it already. The landmark title Doom has been made playable on the anniversary device, and it plays to an acceptable, albeit not great, standard.


Below is the video that shows how Doom runs on the device: 

YouTuber stacksmashing explained that they encountered a lot of difficulties when creating this port for the game, and this was primarily because of the limited memory of the system, although they also had to offload its firmware with code. The YouTuber enlisted the help of Konrad Beckmann for the firmware process, and later in an attempt to make the game fit into the 1.1 MB of available space.

Given that the game can run on a pregnancy test, the YouTuber persevered. By using a download of ‘Minimal Doom IWAD’, the duo managed to complete the project. However, the finished port comes at the expense of sound, running speed and some textures in the game.

doom on nintendodoom on nintendoYouTube/stacksmashing

Going forward, stacksmashing hopes to port other games onto the system, although this may take some time given the difficulty that was experienced when porting the original Doom. Users can now replicate this port, but they should be advised that it may not go as planned.

It seems that Doom continues to be playable on almost anything, and fans of the game, as well as the meme, will look forward to the next project.

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