You Can See Uranus Between Mars And The Moon Tonight

by : Daniel Richardson on : 21 Jan 2021 09:22
You Can See Uranus Between Mars And The Moon TonightPA/NASA

This week will be the ideal time to spot Uranus, and stargazers will be able to see the distant planet through regular binoculars or a small telescope. 

Between January 19-21, Uranus and Mars will be in conjunction. While this conjunction is a rarity itself, it also means that the people will be able to spot Uranus without an expensive telescope.


The easiest time to spot the planet will be tonight, January 21, thanks to its position in relation to our moon.


Uranus is the seventh planet in our solar system, and is an ice giant with plenty of mysteries. Alongside its comical name, Uranus is unique because its axis rotation means that the planet’s atmosphere operates in a different way to the other planets in our galaxy.

Today, Uranus will be 1.75 degrees south of Mars, and this means that it will be visible if you look just above the moon and to the left of Mars.


This will be the easiest time to spot the planet, as the moon will act as a guide alongside Uranus’s brighter-than-usual shine. With that said, the planet can also be found throughout most of the conjunction event, but it will be significantly more difficult to find among the stars in the night sky.

The distant planet will be hard to spot without the help of binoculars or a telescope. This is because of weather factors and light pollution. While on a very clear night the human eye may be able to spot the planet, it will be far harder to see than Mars.


If the weather does stop you from being able to see the planet, it can still be found, although it will require more effort. By using a skymap app, you should be able to pin down the location of the planet.


There are multiple ways to see the planet, but the easiest is by getting out some binoculars and focusing just above the moon in its first-quarter phase, spotting Mars and looking slightly left.

By following this method, you should be able to revisit plenty of school-yard jokes with new gusto. Equally, you could take the time to marvel at the everchanging universe.

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