You’ll Never Need To Ask For Your Mate’s WiFi Code Again With iOS 11


As far as first world problems go, asking for the WiFi code is definitely up there.

Whether you’re asking a friend, a family member, a barkeep, or a waiter there’s a perpetual air of awkwardness that envelopes the question.

And to make the matter a helluva lot worse, WiFi passwords always seem to be these massively unco-operative passwords, as if they’ve been made to be forgotten, like modern day hyroglifics. Wx91SdEop16, for instance.

However now, a speck of genius has been unveiled to the world, a speck of genius that’ll also make you say – how wasn’t that already a thing. But forget that thought – it’s coming and it’s going to be great, reports Mashable.

For those folk with iPhones just wait until you get your hands on iOS 11 in three months time because instead of having to ask ‘excuse me mate, do you have the WiFi password’ and him having to go off and find out what it is, anyone who’s already connected can simply allow you to join.

More specifically when you open up the WiFi page on your phone and select a network, simply put your phone near to a ‘native’ device which is already connected and they’ll be notified.

If they allow to let you join the network you’ll be sent the password automatically via their phone.

Simple right? Oh how beautiful technology can be.