Young People Are More Loyal To Their Phone Network Than Their Partners


Apparently young people are more loyal to their phone networks than they are to their partners.

When you find a phone network you like, with – well, most of what you want – and it works for you, then why change it? Why struggle to find something new? Is it really worth the hassle?

It seems I’m not the only one thinking this – as according to a new poll – many British people are staying with their phone networks longer than they are with their partners.

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The survey carried out by Carphone Warehouse revealed on average 30-year-olds stay with their network for four years and two months, whereas they stick with their relationships for just three years and nine months.

On top of this unprecedented loyalty to their mobile providers, it appears more UK phone users have thought about cheating than they have moving to a different network.

Marketing Director at Carphone Warehouse said:

Even though eyes might start to wander when they’ve been with a partner a while, it seems young Brits are far more likely to tolerate debauched behaviour when it comes to their networks.

Switching networks can sometimes be a pain, leading to people staying in unhappy relationships rather than make a move.

There are certain driving factors which contribute to a person switching networks, with the main reason being the price – which is hardly rocket science – with data allowance and network coverage following up close behind.

The poll asked questions about what qualities in a partner wind them up and the outcome wasn’t very complimentary, listing a string of problems, including not being listened to, chewing loudly, snoring, farting and picking their nose.

Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend everything a mobile network has to offer is perfect though, as the poll found the most common annoyances are crap coverage, poor connection, extra charges and sneaky hikes in price.

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Despite all of these problems people would rather stick with their network, rather than mess around switching to another – as let’s be honest, it is a bit of a faff.

Dean Kramer said:

Our advice is to see what else is out there when it comes to your relationship with a network.

Don’t sell yourself short because you believe it’s too difficult or time consuming to do better.

Considering most relationships don’t have you locked in for 24 months at a time with a financial penalty to exit early, it’s understandable why partners are easier to shed than network providers.