Your Old iPhone Could Be Worth A Lot More Than You Thought


With a new iPhone coming out what feels like every three seconds, chances are if you own an iPhone, it’s old.

But while you may think your iPhone SE is worthless, you may actually be sitting on a lot more money than you’d expect.

New figures revealed by giffgaff Marketplace have shown that iPhones hold their price better than you may have thought – and far better than their Android rivals.

Flickr/Kārlis Dambrāns

According to the network’s resale service, your iPhone 6S – a device that’s now over a year old (which, let’s be honest, is ancient when it comes to Apple devices) – will earn you as much as £235.

The iPhone 6, a phone that launched all the way back in 2014, can still bag you £180 – a decrease in value of less than a third per year. Not exactly a gold mine, but still a decent chunk of cash for a phone nearly two and a half years old.

Even the iPhone SE is holding its price pretty well. The 64BG iPhone SE will earn you £210 at present if sold through giffgaff Marketplace – that’s only fractionally less than half of its current £429 price.

If you’re sat on an old Android phone, however, things aren’t quite so positive. Even the leading Samsung Galaxy S7 has lost its value surprisingly quick.

Flickr/Răzvan Băltărețu

Right now, the phone is on sale for £569 on Samsung’s website, but the Android has already lost £349 of its value.

Have a Sony Xperia? For a phone that went for a whopping £629 at launch, it’ll now only get you around £169.

Sure, it’s bad news for Android users but if you’ve got an old iPhone, you may just be raking it in.