YouTube Launches YouTube Red, A Monthly Subscription Service That Is Ad-Free


Without sounding too much like a cheesy American commercial, are you sick of adverts interrupting your online viewing? Well YouTube has a solution for you, so long as you are willing to pay.

Youtube Red is a subscription service that will cost users a monthly fee of $9.99 (around £6.50) and open up a range of new features.

In reality the fee replaces what the service would be losing in advert revenue, but in return your streaming would go uninterrupted by product placement, you can save videos to watch offline later, new original content is exclusively available, plus full access to Google Play Music.


A one-month free trial will be available to users in America as of October 28, but unfortunately if you are based elsewhere in the world you are going to have to sit tight until 2016.

The move is a very clear answer to rival services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, but with the former introducing trailers for their own content into streamed video YouTube’s added feature may give them an edge.

New content will be produced alongside the likes of Lilly Singh and College Humor, and will include feature lenghth films.

Sounds like it could well be worth a trial to see if it can genuinely compete with other subscription services, until then those of us not in America will have to listen intently to early reviews.