Man Says Ex Is Better Looking Than His Girlfriend On TV And It’s Horribly Awkward

Man Says Ex Is Better Looking Than His Girlfriend On TV And Its Horribly Awkward betterlooking1023Comedy Central/YouTube

Your Face Or Mine is one of the most hilariously brutal shows out there at the moment.

Who would have thought a show, with its entire premise being based on couples saying which random people they find more attractive, could turn problematic.

Without wasting anymore time, familiarise yourself with this fella – Kaio. Kaio appeared on the show alongside his loving girlfriend, Modina.

Check out the incredibly awkward encounter below:

Now you’re probably wondering what’s awkward about that. Well sat in between the happy couple is Kaio’s ex – his former longterm girlfriend, Sarah. They’re still mates, apparently.

Before we get to the incredibly awkward moment, host Katherine Ryan asked Kaio if he would ever try it on with Sarah again – if he was single. Without even taking a second to think about it, Kaio admitted he would.

More specifically he said a suggestive: ‘Of course, if I was single’.

I’m guessing at this point Modina’s heart was fractionally broken – but seconds later all hell erupted after Kaio was asked ‘who’s better looking, your ex, or your current’.

Man Says Ex Is Better Looking Than His Girlfriend On TV And Its Horribly Awkward 56227e995af06274760d711a079acf82Comedy Central/YouTube

Kaio leant against the arm of his chair while taking a last minute gaze at the two girls beside him.

He then said:

I’m gonna go with Sarah. […] because she’s beautiful.

Nice. Yes, that’s right. While starring on a massively popular couples gameshow alongside his girlfriend, Kaio just told the world his ex is better looking, in front of a live audience and an even bigger audience sitting at home across the globe. Ouch.

Modina smiles but you can see the pain in her eyes, and I don’t blame her – what a horrible situation to be in. Sarah raises her eyebrows in fake and smug embarrassment, but you can sort of tell she’s revelling in her fifteen minutes of fame.

To be fair to Kaio he answered the question in order to double the £1,200 he had pocketed already on the show – but still, that’s not a good situation to be in.

Earlier in the show Kaio presented himself as quite the jack-the-lad when asked by Jimmy how long it was until they consumated their relationship.

With blank eyes he starred at the two hosts in confusion before saying, ‘Oh what you mean until we banged?’. Yes, Kaio.

Your Face Or Mine seems to be making quite the name for itself as one of the more outrageous shows out there at the minute.

In one memorable episode, a gay couple were talking about how they don’t particularly like ‘rough and loud sex’, but prefer more normal stuff.

Skip forward 30 seconds and they’re talking about that time they went into the disabled toilets in Tesco while one member of the duo urinated on the other’s head.

Man Says Ex Is Better Looking Than His Girlfriend On TV And Its Horribly Awkward Screen Shot 2018 05 08 at 19.54.13Comedy Central/YouTube

To make matters even worse, the fella who got p*ssed on, the pissee I guess would be the correct term, picked up a nasty ear infection off the back of it.

Just the tame normal sex stuff though eh.

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