Miley Cyrus Rumoured To Be Filming An Episode Of Black Mirror


The Wrecking Ball star and former twerking enthusiast Miley Cyrus is rumoured to be filming an episode for the new series of Black Mirror.

According to the NME, locals saw Miley on set in Cape Town, South Africa, where they were shooting an episode for the upcoming fifth season of the hit dystopian sci-fi show.

Who will Miley be playing? Well, you never can tell with Black Mirror. Maybe she’s a pop star caught in a technological nightmare where she can’t update Instagram.

In all honesty, it is a bit strange that they’re still filming because we know they were shooting the first two episodes a lot earlier in the year.

That said Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker did admit that things got a bit ‘foggy’ after episode three, so perhaps they were waiting for Miley’s presumably hectic schedule to clear up before filming.

As you’d expect with a show like Black Mirror the exact details of what will happen in season five have been a closely guarded secret, but we have had a few hints.

At least one episode is expected to be partially set in the 1980s because some keen-eyed fans snapped pictures of a retro-style WHSmith and Chelsea Girl shop-fronts in Croydon, which had been mocked up for the show.

Charlie Brooker also hinted last year that we may return to one of his previous sinister stories.

He told IndieWire:

We’ve had ideas for sequels to stories as well, which is something we haven’t entirely explored. I wouldn’t be averse to it.

There’s a couple of ideas already in mind but we’re sort of thinking about practically how we could do that and when the right time to do that would be.

Unfortunately, there’s been no news about when we can expect to see the fifth season of the cult show. Last year it arrived just after Christmas but if this Miley rumour is true then we probably won’t see anything until 2019.

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