Name Of Strictly Come Dancing Winner Has Been Leaked Online


Warning: Spoilers Ahead, Strictly Speaking

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Spoilers ahead, if you’re into ballroom dancing TV shows. For everyone else, here’s another reason not to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s all kicking off like Len Goodman doing the Charleston in the glitzy world of ballroom dancing after one audience member leaked the winner of the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special online. Much like last year.

The result was announced on a fan-run website that posts weekly spoilers announcing who gets the chop from the BBC’s stalwart ‘celebrity’ competition.

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In a mission befitting a Cold War spy book, the spoiler obtained this golden nugget of information from ‘an audience mole’, confirming his belief the details ‘should be accurate’.

The Strictly Spoiler explained his decision, saying:

I’m doing this because thousands of people want me to.

This spoiler has come from an audience mole from a group who have previously provided accurate spoilers and should be accurate.

The Christmas special, which airs during a prime BBC slot on Christmas Day somewhere between the Queen’s speech and a tidal wave of twee patriotism, sees contestants from previous series brought back in a bid to win the Christmas trophy.

The contestants taking part this year are Jeremy Vine and Karen Clifton, Katie Derham and Brendan Cole, Colin Jackson and Amy Dowden, Robbie Savage and Diane Buswell, Judy Murray and Neil Jones, and Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev.

Warning: No, Really, We’re Going To Run The Spoiler Next So Stop Reading Here If You Don’t Want To Know Who Wins

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Although you’ve probably not heard of them, the spoiler site announced Katie Derham – a BBC newscaster who began her career in finance journalism – and Brendan Cole have won the special.

The festive favourite of the flamboyant is filmed almost a month in advance, and took place this week at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.

The blogger, who has faced criticism in the past for leaking the results online, said:

It is the BBC who make the spoiler possible. If they don’t want the result to leak, there is something very simple they can do – broadcast it live.

Dave Thorp, who runs The Strictly Spoiler, continued:

The festive grinch is back out to ruin Christmas for millions of Strictly viewers as several newspapers claimed last year.

Or more accurately The Strictly Spoiler is back providing a highly demanded – so demanded it routinely breaks web servers – service for many thousands of Strictly viewers who all actively seek it out!

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Although fans will no doubt be livid at the blogger for releasing this information, as he rightly points out, no one is forcing them to click on the link.

On the other hand, the televised competition suffered an actually devastating blow earlier this year with the passing of Bruce Forsythe, the light-entertainment legend, a consummate performer and presenter.

You can watch the tribute to his excellence and professionalism below:

There wasn't a dry eye in the Strictly Come Dancing studio after the emotional tribute.

The dancers paid homage to the light-footed presenter during the launch of the 2017 season, dancing to Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon – a song the 89-year-old had sung while presenting the show.

They finished their performance by striking Bruce's signature pose, receiving appreciative applause from both the audience and the hosts.

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Tearful co-presenter Tess Daly just about managed to keep it together as she watched the touching tribute to her friend and former colleague, quoting Bruce's infamous catchphrase: 'Didn't he do well!'

Nice to see you, Bruce, to see you, nice!