Someone Accidentally Baked A Penis On Great British Bake Off


Last night’s Great British Bake Off got even more out of hand with innuendos than usual.

It was bread week, and as we all know, last season’s was phenomenal, with contestant Paul turning out a literal masterpiece of bread.

Here’s a reminder of how great it was:


This season delivered nothing quite as remarkable – not even remotely.

But to make up for it, one contestant baked something that’ll definitely go down in the GBBO books as extremely memorable.

A penis:


And the reaction? Well, pretty predictable:


Even the pun-heavy Mel was lost for words for once, settling for a diplomatic: “It’s very male, isn’t it?”

Twitter didn’t miss out on poking fun at the cock-up either:

Baker Tom wasn’t having any of it, though, saying: “It’s a hammer, it’s strong. It’s also a T, T for Thor. T for Tom. I’m not being led. My mum is going to watch this!”

Luckily, it turned out looking less penis-like when it was fully baked:


And it turns out his penis bread really was as strong as he promised, with Tom being named Star Baker in a week that saw a whole lot of undercooked bread.

Will we be seeing vagina cupcakes for batter week next Wednesday?