Community Group Builds Special Bike For Young Lad

freeriders community group young lad bike uniladUNILAD

A community group came together to build a special bike for a talented young lad as a gift.

The Freeriders in Leicester are a group of guys aged between 15 and 50 who meet up to ride together in their local park and others across the country.

One of their youngest members stood out out from the crowd being both talented and always willing to help out but unfortunately he didn’t have a bike to match his skill.

freeriders community group young lad bike uniladUNILAD

The Freeriders then took it upon themselves to gather together some parts and build a bike for the lad which made his day.

You can watch his reaction to the gift in the video below:

37-year-old Carl Ferris from the group exclusively told UNILAD why they decided to treat the lad to a new bike.

He said:

For a while this one lad stood out. Such a nice lad and always there to help whenever he was down the track. But his bike let him down.

So as a group everyone made their mind up they would do something nice for him. So we all got to sorting out some old parts and sprayed a frame up and built him a bike to better his skills. We just wanted to see him do better.

We all have one passion and that’s to ride. If we can make a great place for kids to come ride then so be it.

We gave the bike because we could see this kid had more skills then others but his bike was letting him down. So why hold on to old bike bits? Let’s just use them and make them smile!

freeriders community group young lad bike uniladUNILAD

As seen in the video the lad was ‘gobsmacked’ when he saw what the group had done for him.

Carl added:

He kept on saying ‘No. No way. I cant take this.’ But then we could all see a tear of happiness which then made every one else start to tear up. A very pleasing moment.

The video has done viral and now we can see how well it has done, all the great comments and 36,000 views. We won’t think twice about doing it again.

We just want the park to be known as a great place to come for kids of all ages to have a nice afternoon out riding and to show them they don’t need to be out on the streets bored smashing things up, getting in trouble etc.

What a great group of lads!

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