Videos That Will Make You Laugh In Under One Minute



YouTube is a big place and finding funny videos can sometimes be difficult. Here is a mixtape of videos that are less than 60 seconds that will (hopefully) crack you up. 

There are no doubt some classics in here you’ve already seen. Perhaps some of them are your “go to” videos already when you need a laugh.

Maybe you’ll discover a gem in here you hadn’t seen.

1) Jaoquin Phoenix’s Forehead (Rotated)

2) Hey, Ron. Hey, Billy.

3) Sheep could use a throat lozenge.

4) Why you heff to be mad?

5) Do you want to go for a…walk

6) Live Webcast Fail

7) Seeing snow for the first time

8) Kevin Everett Recovery Update

9) Ron sneezes and scares deer

10) Cat runs into glass door.

11) Smells like ass

12) This is why mom doesn’t fucking love you

13) Spongebob Fictionpants

14) Streaker fails running on a tennis court

There you have it!

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