Russian Girl Catches Street Brawl Video While Pretending To Pose For Selfie


From Ivan Drago to Vladimir Putin, the Russians have a proud tradition of petulant pugilists punching people – just not usually in the street, we hope.

In footage taken by a girl who was pretending to take a selfie – top notch acting work by the way, someone call the Academy – we see two Russian blokes get into an argument over… well, we don’t know, we don’t speak Russian.

The footage however is pretty brutal. The two men – one young, one older – begin by squaring up against each other until the tension breaks and the younger man delivers a smack to the older guy right on the chops.

russian brawl 1ДРАКИ РАМСЫ и КАЧЕЛИ

The older bloke stumbles and ends up sitting on a bench. The young man then grabs him and the two begin wrestling until the older guy wraps his hands around his opponent’s neck and tries to strangle him.

Unfortunately for him, the younger man soon breaks free and lands several bone rattling blows straight to the older guy’s face.

Despite being on the losing side for most of the fight, the older bloke makes a last round comeback managing to kick off the younger man before the footage stops – which is probably for the best.