Slow Motion Footage Shows Mousetrap Slamming On A Tongue


You Tube superstars The Slow Mo Guys may have released their most eye watering video yet!

Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy were dared by their fan’s to film poor Dan’s tongue being caught in a mousetrap, but it seems the usually cavalier boys were a bit hesitant to pull of this particular stunt.

At the beginning of the video the pair seem to be having a genuine debate over whether the stunt is too dangerous for them to film.

slow mo guys1Slow Mo Guys

Dan even tries the trap out on a piece of plastic making it shatter, which causes Gavin to quickly bow out, leaving his long suffering sidekick to once again perform the painful challenge.

He does mange to get in a sly dig at Gavin’s expense though, joking: ‘The only reason you’re not doing it, is because your nose will get in the way.’

Like a man awaiting his execution Dan then begins to pace before finally preparing himself for the tiny mouse guillotine.

slow mo guys2Slow Mo Guys

He screws his face up with his eyes closed and gingerly tries to stick his tongue out, without ever touching the trap. Gavin jokingly tells him to pretend he’s eating ‘the world’s most dangerous oyster’. 

Unfortunately for poor Dan he doesn’t quite trigger the trap the first four times and it’s only on the fifth attempt that he catches the latch and the trap slams shut on his tongue. Unsurprisingly Dan screams in pain, shouting: “fucking hell!”

Surprisingly the trap moves so fast that despite the camera moving at 2,000 frames per second it’s barely slowed down at all, but it does cause an incredible mushroom cloud of spit like the worlds grossest atomic bomb.

Seriously guys, don’t try this at home…