Man ‘Possessed By Ghosts’ Throws Himself Into Oncoming Traffic


A man who was filmed deliberately throwing himself head first into the windscreen of a taxi has claimed he felt like a ghost had possessed his body.

The video – which has been viewed millions of times online since Friday – shows harrowing dashcam footage of a man running, seemingly for no reason, out into the middle of the road and straight into oncoming traffic, the Mirror reports.

Incredibly, the man – identified only as Li, 39 – was not seriously hurt and was discharged from a hospital in Hong Kong the day after the incident with cuts to his legs and a large head bandage.

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Some cynical viewers have claimed that Li’s bizarre stunt was simply an insurance scam gone wrong or that he was trying to injure himself on purpose in order to claim compensation – especially as Li has been compensated for being hit by a car before.

But, in an interview with Oriental Daily, Li said he was unable to explain his behaviour, saying he felt like a ‘ghost had possessed his body’ .

He said:

Why would I do that for money? I can’t claim anything. I did it myself.

So ghost or insurance scam gone wrong? Either way, this is super weird…