This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Die


A lot is said about what actually happens to us spiritually when we die, but ever wondered what happens to our mortal remains?

Well the guys at ASAP Science have put together a pretty awesome video to explain all about the biological processes that happen in our bodies, seconds, hours and days after we’ve departed and it’s pretty grim.

First, the last bit of oxygen in your system leaves the body, which causes a surge in brain activity as neurons lose function.

Your remaining ATP energy is used up and your hormones shut down completely. Once these are gone your muscles, including sphincter, relax. Eww.


As your heart has stopped pumping blood around your body, people who have a lighter complexion appear pale as the blood pools and after a few hours you look discoloured.

Now three to six hours in rigor mortis sets in as calcium leaks into muscle cells, binding with protein.


As your cells die your body begins the process of decay, with around 100 trillion external microorganisms helping to break down your body.

This is when anerobic bacteria in your gut begin to eat through your intestine and abdominal organs- nice.

Now this is the incredibly grim part. The break down of amino acids attracts insects like mites and blowflies which begin laying eggs in the rotting flesh.


In a matter of weeks maggots could have eaten 60 per cent of your tissues, creating holes that let fluids and gasses escapes.

Dry decay then begins around 20-50 days in – attracting beetles and fungi – and this can last for 12 months.

Over the years, plants and animals will then feed off whatever is left of you- including your skeletal remains.


If you’re left alone, every little bit of you will be reused and recycled at some point.

There may always be a massive debate about what does happen to you when you die, but at least you now know the grisly process behind your body’s physical demise.


You’re welcome.