Are These The Cheesiest Superhero One-Liners?


When Christopher Nolan released his seminal Dark Knight Trilogy he dragged superhero movies into a brave new world and cemented them as a grown-up genre. 

And while many previous superhero films were good, X-Men, Spider-Man and Superman etc, way they failed to change the attitudes of people that comic movies were ‘kiddy’.


But let’s be honest those old cheesy superheroes had some cracking puns in them even if they weren’t always great, and that’s given me at least a great fondness for the old cape and cowl sorts.

Thankfully I’ve been saved the burden of actually ever having to re-watch The Phantom or Catwoman again though by the good people over at WorldWideInterWeb.


Their comprehensive list of ever witty wisecrack and quick quip is just the tonic for the and reminds us that while superhero films may have grown up they’v

They even include the greatest line inn cinematic history.


Not Tony Montana’s ‘Say hello to my little friend’ or Vito Corleone’s ‘I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse’. No the honour of the best line in the history of celluloid goes to good old Arnold Schwarzenegger.

More specifically Arnie’s epic Mister Freeze line, ‘Do you know what killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!!’

Perfect! Give that man an Oscar.