Found Footage Shows Explorer In Paris Catacombs Before He Disappeared

Paris CatacombsGetty

Underneath the buzzing city of Paris lies a labyrinth of creepy tunnels and caves that were used as an underground cemetery in the 1700s in response to an overcrowding of normal cemeteries.

According to the Sun, this eery video was found in the catacombs by another group of explorers. After being viewed over a million times, the fate of the panicked man is still unknown.

He appears to have gone deep into the catacombs, far from the tourist section, finding bodies and bones that seem like they’ve been untouched since they were laid to rest.

The lone-explorer is seen picking up skulls and exploring the numerous corridors before starting to panic.

The man seems lost and his breathing quickens as he moves more quickly, searching for an exit. He works himself up to the point where he drops the camera and we hear him running into the distance.


The Paris catacombs are essentially former quarries from which a large amount of stone was dug to build the city, but were later used as storage for bodies.

Some areas of of the underground network are open today for visitors to take guided tours, but since 1955 large sectors have been sealed off, and for good reason by the looks of it.

The caves are thought to contain the bodies of over six million Parisians. You couldn’t pay me to go down there.