This Guy’s Drunk Snapchat Story Of His Four Hour Journey Home Is Hilarious



Sometimes the walk home after a night out feels like an absolute trek, but it’s always worth that buttery toast when you get home.

This guy had a pretty long story to tell, four and half hours to be exact, as he attempted a walk back from Ireland’s Shinrone to Rath, Offaly.

Joe is a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy, and was determined to get back to his bed before sunrise, Joe reports.

He gave it one hell of a try, and made the most hilarious Snapchat documentary in the process:

This has to be the funniest snap chat story ever Joe Troy ur a gas man ur my hero ?

Posted by James Gleeson on Saturday, October 22, 2016

He goes through phases of racing with the Snapchat speedometer to rocking out to some road tunes, and standing in the middle of Offaly shouting for a booty call.

He’s accompanied by Coldplay’s Fix You when he reaches a fork in the road, before reflecting on life, and how he ‘should be settled down with a mortgage and two kids I don’t like.’

This is his huge journey…

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The video finishes in the most perfect way, with him being picked up by his mum and hashtagging his journey #MotherSonBanter.

His mum looks on, unimpressed and he captions the video ‘why can’t you be more like hugh.’

It’s just pure banter.