Snoop Dogg’s Reaction To Kanye’s Latest Bizarre Rant Is Priceless

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One of our all time favourite rappers, Snoop Dogg posted some hilarious response videos to Kanye’s lengthy Jay-Z and Beyonce rant he went on at his gig last night. 

For some reason best known to himself, king Kanye took to the stage and nearly bored the audience stiff, chatting about all sorts of people including Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and the most bizarre of all, Mark Zuckerberg?!

Snoop heard all of this and had something to say about it, he certainly was not shy about being forthcoming with his opinion:

This nigga crazy ?

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Snoop clearly wanted to make his thought heard on yet another example’s of Kanye’s weird behaviour as he posted three clips about it to Instagram.

In the first, you can see him lighting up in the background before he turns the camera on himself to say, ‘This nigga onstage…this nigga crazier than the shit I got on my head,’ referring to the rather odd hat he had on his head.

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In the second clip, the Dogg looks completely baffled and repeatedly frowns at the camera and shakes his head whilst saying again, ‘this nigga crazy… is he still talking?’

The whole thing seems to be causing him a lot of confusion as he looks on in disbelief.


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In the third clip when Kanye is still going on, Snoop let rip:

He picked the wrong night to vent like that. Them Sacramento niggas ain’t feeling that shit. He shoulda had a bunch of weird motherfuckers like you when he was talking that weird ass shit. That’s just my thought. I smoke weed. Weed don’t make you do that. What the fuck is he on?

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We hear you snoop and we’d all love to know what the rapper was on that night to make him come out with such a vocal torrent.

To make matters worse, the diva/rapper performed just three songs and ended the show after his rant, just like that, leaving behind him a sea of angry fans.

Maybe listen to Snoop next time Kanye…