Bizarre Traffic Accident In China Causes Cars To Levitate

Bizarre Traffic Accident In China Causes Cars To Levitate car levitate FBLive Leak

Halloween may be firmly in the rear view mirror, but you’d be forgiven for thinking something spooky was going down on this street in China when a bunch of cars of starting levitating in the middle of the road.

Footage of the weird incident was uploaded to Live Leak, showing how several vehicles suddenly jump into the air courtesy of an unknown force as they stop at a pedestrian crossing.

Those who watched the video seemed a heck of a lot more interested and concerned about what might have caused the strange phenomenon than the people crossing the street at the time, who just carried on as if this was an everyday occurrence.

Although high winds or a nearby David Blaine seem like the most likely explanation for the hovering vans and cars, the reason for the accident was actually down to road works, which have apparently found a whole new way to annoy drivers.

According to one Reddit user who can speak Mandarin, the incident was the direct result of a telephone pole being installed near the road.

User ‘rex1030’ wrote:

A telephone pole was being installed. There was a steel cable that was coiled on the road that (they believed) should have been no problem for cars going over it. The street sweeper truck on the right went over it and wound up the cable in the rotating cleaner. The other end of the cable was attached to the pole on the left of the video. The cable was brought taut and caused all that damage to the trucks and car.

So there you go, no magic involved in this one. Just a street cleaner causing absolute chaos!