Boy With ADHD Handcuffed At School For Misbehaving

Boy With ADHD Handcuffed At School For Misbehaving p9rmX5ca0YouTube

A Kentucky police department is being sued after footage was released showing an officer placing an eight-year-old boy with ADHD in handcuffs.

Deputy Kevin Sumner cuffs the boy – who also suffers from PTSD – above his elbow with his hands behind his back, and it looks pretty painful. School records suggest he was kept this way for 15 minutes.

It’s also been claimed that a girl in the same school district was put in cuffs for misbehaving.

Boy With ADHD Handcuffed At School For Misbehaving f9PaYET1JYouTube

Susan Mizner from the American Civil Liberties Union, who filed the lawsuit, said:

Shackling children is not okay. Using law enforcement to discipline students with disabilities only serves to traumatize children.

A government report has highlighted hundreds of similar incidents, mostly involving kids with disabilities, 20 of which resulted in death.

In a statement the boy’s mother said:

It is heartbreaking to watch my little boy suffer because of this experience. School should be a safe place for children. It should be a place they look forward to going to. Instead, this has turned into a continuing nightmare for my son.

Hopefully justice will be done.