Giant Moose Caught Strolling Down Middle Of Highway

Giant Moose Caught Strolling Down Middle Of Highway moose1ViralHog

A giant moose in Alaska decided to have a wander down the middle of a highway, and one guy got it on camera. 

Usually, to witness large animals casually strolling around near your car, you have to be in the midst of some kind of expensive, drive-through safari experience.

Apparently, this is not the case in Alaska.

Robert Farris was taking a midnight drive in Anchorage, Alaska, when he came across a huge moose enjoying an amble down the middle of the highway.

Check out the video here:

The excited driver turned onto the highway, camera at the ready, and said, ‘Look at this big fella here… wow look at him, he’s huge!’

Robert captured the huge animal walking along the grass divide between the two sides of the road, and tried to get its attention by calling out ‘Hey there bud!’

He actually called out ‘Hey there!’ four times with, unsurprisingly, no response from the moose. I think the animal was just after a peaceful stroll.

A passenger in the car, presumably Robert’s daughter, asked the driver if he was going to touch the beast. Thankfully, he replied, ‘No I’m not gonna touch it.’

While calling the moose ‘dude’ repeatedly was a questionable move, I’m glad Robert didn’t attempt to make the moose notice him in a more physical manner – those antlers could cause some damage.

Giant Moose Caught Strolling Down Middle Of Highway moose2ViralHog

After Robert had his fill of late night moose-spotting, he headed off, seemingly attempting one last time to get some sort of reaction by calling out ‘Later dude!’

The moose was a popular sight for the surrounding cars, with one on the other side of the highway actually reversing all the way back and probably risking an accident in order to get a good look at the large-antlered animal.

The man behind the camera had been picking up his daughter when he spotted the moose.

He explained:

I was picking up my daughter when we came across the moose wandering in the street, so I decided to pull up next to the big fella and let the world basque in his awe.

The unusual sight has received mixed opinions from those watching it, with some people bringing to light the sad circumstances that might explain the moose’s choice to wander on the highway.

One person wrote:

Kinda sad. Our increasing population is diminishing their habitat. I bet that road used to covered in grass and trees not so long ago.The tiny strip of remaining grass is almost symbolic of what’s happening to the Moose’s home.

Another added:

I hope he is OK, it looks like he has an injury on his rear leg.

Other concerned viewers told Robert he was crazy for slowing down and getting so close to the animal.

One person commented:

you are crazy. This is dangerous

Another said:

Gentle giant…but with a simple twist of his neck all hell would break loose.

Hopefully the moose got where he was going safely, and no one suffered any reckless reversing or filming-while-driving related injuries.

That would not have been a-moose-ing.


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