Girl Tries To Sue Police For $500,000 After Getting Tooth Knocked Out


Girl Tries To Sue Police For $500,000 After Getting Tooth Knocked Out copslam fb

One teenager who lost a tooth when tackled to the floor by police, while wearing handcuffs, is now trying to sue for $500,000.

She sustained damage to her face, head, tooth and jaw, and while the incident took place back in 2013, the footage hit the internet this week, and went viral.

Alexis Acker was only 18 at the time of the incident, with Officer Tyler Walker seen on camera throwing her to the floor.

Acker had already been arrested after officers were called to her department following a disturbance involving a gun, and was being verbally aggressive to officers both on the way to the hospital and in the hospital, and was later charged with five offences, including two felony ones and assaulting an officer.

Officer Walker claimed:

It was then evident that I had caused her injury and knocked out her front tooth while throwing her on to the hard linoleum hospital floor, while her hands [were] still handcuffed behind her back.

Acker is now claiming that she has a host of lasting issues from the force used and has suffered memory loss, migraines and PTSD among other things.