Good News, The Worst Seat On A Plane Is About To Get Better


Good News, The Worst Seat On A Plane Is About To Get Better UNILAD sss23

There are few things worse when you get on a plane than realising you’re sat in the middle seat.

That’s probably compounded by sitting next to the world’s most annoying person, who gives you no room whatsoever.

Well, your middle seat misery may be about to get a bit better thanks to the Side-Slip Seat.

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The seat was developed by Hank Scott of Molon Labe Designs, with the contraption enabling more room for the people in middle seats.

Although it’s just an idea for now, Hank is working with the National Institute for Aviation Research to get the seat certified for use in commercial aircraft.

The aisle seats will slide over the top of the middle seats, meaning there will be extra space when manoeuvring and getting on and off board.

The middle seat is also lower and a bit further back, so there is more elbow room for the unfortunate soul who was allocated the seat of doom. There will be approximately two extra inches of space, but as we all know, every inch matters.

The staggered seating would make also make eating those delicious airplane meals much easier.