Here’s How McDonald’s Fries Are Actually Made


Heres How McDonalds Fries Are Actually Made fries gif

Have you ever wondered how McDonald’s French fries were made?

Well now you can find out thanks to the fast food chain’s video, that sees MythBusters host Grant Imahara take a tour of a Simplot factory that produces the fries.

The process is pretty much like you’d imagine to be honest – there’s not that many ways to get potatoes into chips and cover them in both salt and sugar, but the video is fairly entertaining if you’ve ever wanted to take a look at the step by step process.

So really, all in all, it’s not actually that bad when you consider the reputation McDonald’s have for their quality of fast food. Especially the chicken nuggets.

Now I’m not saying they’re a good option for dinner each and every night, but they’re not the worst things in the world, especially on a hangover day.