Man Pretends To Be Blind To Test Strangers’ Honesty


We’ve heard of blind faith before but one creative YouTube user took things to a whole new level when he pretended to have lost his sight in order to test the monetary honesty of strangers.

Actor Jag Singh (YouTuber ‘Johal’) wore dark glasses and carried a cane for the ruse and approached people on the streets of San Fransisco – rich people and homeless people – and asked them if he’d been lucky and won money on the lottery.

And the results were pretty shocking.

Although some were quick to tell Singh the truth, a worrying number of others lied that Singh had actually lost on the $500 scratch-off lottery ticket, so they could keep the winnings for themselves!

Jag says he was particularly stunned that it was often the people with the money who would be dishonest, but when he turned the same social experiment on the less fortunate, they were quick to tell him the truth.

When the homeless strangers were honest with him, Jag revealed his experiment and gave the person $10 for their honesty.

Speaking to the Mail Online, he said:

I was extremely sad from the results. Seeing someone who is homeless on the streets and doesn’t take my lottery ticket compared to someone who had a job – it’s a pretty sad thing.

Jag hopes that his social experiment will persuade viewers to visit a charitable site called