Playboy Model Admits Snorting ‘Suspicious White Powder’ Off Her Own Breast In Video

Instagram / YouTube

Brunette Playboy model and reality TV star, Cheryl Maitland, has been making headlines recently after a video of her snorting white powder from her breast emerged online. 

Now, the Aussie gal has spoken out claiming that the video was merely ‘a joke’.

In the clip, the professional nobody who has partied with the likes of Hugh Hefner in L.A., can be seen rolling up a $50 note, holding up her right boob, and snorting a white substance from it, reports

An off camera man then says: ‘shit, that is so good’.

Instagram / @hotlikeasunrise

Speaking about the clip, the topless model said:

I posted this video as a joke on my Instagram account several years ago.

Looking back I now realise what an extremely naive thing it was to have done and I seriously regret it.

Make your own mind up

Cheryl has appeared on a whole host of reality shows in Australia – most famously, perhaps, is Married At First Sight.

The show is essentially exactly what it says on the tin. It involves people meeting up and getting married at, you guessed it, first sight.

Channel 9

Recently Cheryl has been trying to get a second appearance on the show after her first marriage to contestant Jonathan Troughton failed.

Who would’ve thought?