Sci-Fi Cavemen Take Down Mecha-Dinos In Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Sci Fi Cavemen Take Down Mecha Dinos In Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay UNILAD horizon zero dawn gameplay walkthrough82275Gamerant

It looks like cavemen are super hot right now, as Paris Game Week gives us a sneaky look inside Guerrilla Game’sĀ Horizon Zero Dawn.

Known for their work on the Killzone series – and Shellshock ‘Nam ’67 if you remember that far back – Guerrilla’s new IP is set in a distant future where machine-like dinosaursĀ roam the Earth, while humans have been reduced to living in pre-historic style tribes.

Playing as a hunter named Aloy, you explore the post-apocalyptic open world completing quests and levelling up rpg style.

Horizon Zero Dawn is slated for a 2016 release exclusively on Playstation 4, though a definitive date is yet to be set.