Video Shows Brutal Aftermath Of ‘Street Race’ Where Lamborghini Hit Three People

Video Shows Brutal Aftermath Of Street Race Where Lamborghini Hit Three People Untitled 1YouTube

Footage shows the moment some idiot crashed his Lamborghini into a tree after reportedly hitting three people.

The aftermath of the alleged street race in East Java, the Philippines, was captured on camera, with the driver seen hanging out of the car on his phone.

According to The Independent the Lamborghini driver reportedly lost control after racing a Ferrari.

The car hit a middle-aged couple and another man, with one man’s body being dragged by the vehicle, the Jakarta Post reported – police spokesperson said two of the people hit by the Lamborghini have sustained serious injuries and broken legs.

Wiyang Lautner, 24, has been identified as the driver – seen dangling out the window – and he’s now been detained at a local police station while an investigation is launched.