YouTuber Breaks Down In Tears After Being ‘Raped’ On GTA V During Live Stream


YouTuber Brittany Venti was ‘raped’ virtually during a gaming┬álive stream that was hacked by 4Chan users.

Brittany, who regularly live streams herself playing video games, was hacked by some rather awful users of the image-board website while playing Grand Theft Auto V.

The hackers placed characters into the game ignoring Brittany’s plea not to.

Brittany Venti/YouTube

Brittany, who is understandably getting increasingly upset, saw her character in the game attacked by the hackers who laughed as the YouTuber starts to cry.

The hackers joke that they didn’t know that ‘she was that popular’ and also state that they ‘don’t like people like her as you don’t know if they are acting or not’.

Of course Brittany was not acting as the events of the live stream are enough to traumatise anyone.

With no other choice Brittany is forced to run away from the hackers.

And as if Brittany hadn’t been through enough many users attacked her on the video by commenting ‘it’s a game’ and ‘OMG this is the best thing I have ever seen’.

Even though it was in a game this was an incredibly sick thing that someone has done and rape should never be made into a joke.