Brutal Video Shows McDonald’s Worker Falling In Bucket Of Hot Oil


Fast food giant McDonald’s has been fined after an employee was severely burned by an open bucket of hot oil.

Angela Buza, manager of a franchise southeast of Melbourne, Austalia, was walking past a deep fryer when she slipped and fell into the bucket containing 160C oil last November, reports The Herald Sun.

Buza can then be seen writhing in agony as the oil scalded her skin.

Buza, who required skin grafts to both her arms and legs, said in an impact statement:

The incident took away my independence as I became reliant on others.

Due to becoming withdrawn, I lost friends.

The incident occurred after Buza’s colleague, Luke Haywood, used the bucket to drain the frying oil instead of a specialised caddie pump.

Haywood believed the pump was broken at the time, a claim legitimised by Buza, who reported she too had used buckets on several occasions prior to her fall.

It’s bad enough when a few drops of oil spit out of a pan and hit you, so the agony this incident would have caused is pretty much undeniable.

McDonald’s were fined 45,000 Australian dollars (roughly £23,500) last Friday.

Hopefully Buza can now begin to move on from her painful injuries.