4-Year-Old Girl Not Moving A Muscle During Dance Show Hailed As Internet Legend

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Aug 2020 19:02
4-Year-Old Girl Not Moving A Muscle During Dance Show Hailed As Internet Legendchubbybeagle/TikTok

A four-year-old girl has become an internet icon after refusing to perform alongside her fellow dancers in a recent performance. 

The little girl, named Charlie, was spotted by a TikTok user who attended the show to watch their niece. The class took to the stage, all wearing matching pink outfits and tutus, but when the music began Charlie did not move a muscle.


Rather than showing off the choreographed moves, the determined youngster stood stock still for six minutes straight.

Check out the video here:

@chubbybeagleWent to my niece’s outdoor dance recital and witnessed this legend. ##dancrecital ##legend♬ original sound – chubbybeagle


The TikTok user described Charlie as a ‘legend’ as they shared the video of her online, and her mum, Tiffany Cosby, told Buzzfeed News the four-year-old decided not to take part because ‘there were a lot of people’.

Tiffany revealed that Charlie did manage to pluck up the courage to dance just in time for the finale, when she was moved away from the front of the stage.

The mum said:

We were actually shocked she did dance in the finale. I honestly think it was because she was in the back row.

She is really animated and outgoing if it’s in a small group of people she knows.


The video of Charlie’s dance show has been viewed millions of times on TikTok, and Tiffany revealed she hadn’t even realised her toddler was TikTok-famous until a coworker told her.

The proud mum believes people love her daughter so much because her mood displayed in the video was ‘very 2020’. Tiffany said she ‘could relate’ to her daughter’s performance, and honestly, same.

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