9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Are Already Talking About Grenfell Tower


Sadly tragedies and conspiracy theories go hand in hand and people are already talking about Grenfell Tower.

Firefighters may still be battling the blaze that ripped through the 24-storey block of flats in west London but right now there is an abundance of conspiracy theories online, particularly on 4chan.

The argument in short is that as Grenfell Tower has not collapsed after burning for a period of days it theoretically follows that 9/11 must’ve been an inside job.


Specifically people have been making comparisons with the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the so-called ‘controlled demolition theories’ which claim that the World Trade Centre was taken down by explosives that were already there.

One post read:

9/11. Double steel reinforced skyscrapers, created to withstand a collision from a 747. Fire on 5-10 floors. Building 7 didn’t even really have a fire. North and South tower collapse in free fall after an hour. WTC 7 randomly collapses in free fall as well.


It so happens of course that there is a scientific explanation for why the tower didn’t collapse.

Dr John Knapton, emeritus professor of structural engineering at Newcastle University, told The Telegraph that it is to do with a change in regulation in 1971 after a gas explosion at a high-rise in East London.

He said:

I don’t think this building will collapse because in 1968, a block of flats at Ronan Point in East London partly collapsed as a result of a gas explosion in a kitchen.

As a result of that, the design of tower blocks in the UK changed from about 1971 onwards. From then on, the design had to allow for an explosion or a fire to remove part of the supporting structure and for the building to remain standing.

UK buildings are much more robust, or tolerant of losing structural capacity than the Twin Towers

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The fire has claimed the lives of at least 30 people but this number is expected to rise as there are still unknown numbers of people inside.

If you want to help those who have lost their home and belongings, a number of JustGiving pages have been set up to raise money for those affected by the tragedy.

Anyone concerned about a missing family member of friend is advised by police to call the Casualty Bureau on 0800 0961 233.