A 21 Year Old Has Been Found Dead In Demi Moore’s Swimming Pool

by : UNILAD on : 19 Jul 2015 21:15


The dead body of a 21 year old has been found in Demi Moore’s swimming pool.

TMZ is reporting that he was found in the pool of her house, after apparently drowning.


Police have said that the guy could not swim, and died after slipping and falling into the pool.

Apparently there was a party at the house the night before, but Demi wasn’t present because she’s out of town, and neither were any of her family. Sources have said that the man is a friend of on of the family assistants.


Lt. Fred Corral says the man was found dead at 5: 30 am local time on Sunday.


The currently unidentified man was surrounded by people when the police arrived.

Neighbours have said that Demi’s kids have been ‘having parties every day, day and night’, and Tallulah has been posting pictures on Instagram of pool parties at the house.


While this seems to be a lot less sinister than the Michael Barrymore pool incident, this really isn’t good for anybody.

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