A Cop Caught $12 MILLION Of Cocaine While Out Fishing

by : UNILAD on : 08 Aug 2015 23:14


An off duty police officer was out fishing, when he landed the catch of a lifetime… $12 million dollars worth of cocaine!


He was 25 miles off the coast of Florida, when he netted 50 lbs of cocaine bricks, wrapped up in a bin bag.

It’s not known where they came from, where they were going, or who owns them… But the police are very keen to see who will go looking for them.

The value of the drugs is believe to be around $12 million, after cutting.

The water between Mexico and Florida is a well known way of smuggling drugs into America, and Miami, Florida, is the coke capital of the States, so it’s very likely that will be where it’s from and heading.


For safety reasons, the officer that made the catch hasn’t been named, but I imagine he will be getting a massive commendation from the boss!

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    A Florida Cop Caught $12 Million of Cocaine While Fishing