A Group Of Lads Dressed As Traffic Cones Caused Havoc On Halloween

Twitter/Dan Theochari

We’ve heard many a story about people nicking traffic cones when they’re walking home after one too many beers but, over Halloween weekend, this group of guys took things to a whole new level.

Five men in London dressed as orange cones caused absolute havoc in London in the early hours of Sunday morning when they reportedly stood in the road and actually blocked traffic.

While you have to commend their commitment to their costumes, we imagine Kingston police were less pleased with the situation when they were called out to respond to the bizarre scene at 4.40am.

To be fair, the police did appear to see the funny side and uploaded a photo to their Twitter account, showing what must have been the weirdest Halloween call-out of 2015 and describing the incident simply as “very interesting”.

Fortunately, witness Dan Theochari was able to snap a photo of the scene itself and posted it on Twitter so we could all see the ridiculous moment for ourselves.

Kingston Police later added that while they saw the funny side in the prank, they did advise the men to move off the road. Understandable, really.