Woman Makes Huge Mistake While Looking For Aeroplane Toilet

by : Tom Percival on : 29 Mar 2016 12:03

We’ve all been desperate for a pee before now, but one poor woman probably got the fright of her life when she opened what she thought was the bathroom door. 


According to local reports, a poor 50-year-old Chinese woman, who was bursting for the loo when her China Southern Airlines plane was delayed for two hours, opened the emergency hatch because she accidentally mistook it for the toilet door, Mashable reports.

In fact she was so desperate to get to the bathroom that she even managed to deploy the emergency slide, as the plane was getting ready to take off from Chongqing Airport, reported The Beijing News.


Numerous passengers took to their Weibo accounts (Chinese Facebook) to recount the incident on flight CZ3456 and claim they heard a loud hissing sound before people started to panic.


After the slide deployed the crew were forced to evacuate the plane, so airport staff could investigate the matter and fix the problem.

The unnamed passenger was apparently trying to avoid a long queue for the actual toilet. She reportedly told staff that it was her first time on-board an aeroplane and she believed there was another bathroom behind the emergency exit door.


Thankfully no one was injured during the incident and airport authorities are investigating the disturbance.

Unfortunately for the confused woman, Chinese civil aviation law dictates that passengers who are found to endanger flight safety can be held criminally liable.

This isn’t the first emergency door related incident China Southern Airlines have been involved in, just this month a man caused delays on a flight when he opened the plane’s emergency exit door to get some fresh air… Oops?

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