Adam Hill’s Rant On ‘The Last Leg’ Is A Brutal Dig At The Government



Adam Hills ranted on the latest episode of The Last Leg, and went IN on the British government.

Initially, he was talking about government cuts, before attacking their planned changing of the definition of ‘poverty’.

Disabled people make up eight per cent of the population but have borne 29 per cent of the cuts making them 9 times more likely to be affected by the cuts than able-bodied people.

Meanwhile how are the government dealing with the fact they’re might not reach the legally binding target of fewer than one in 10 children in poverty in 2020?

They’re gonna try and scrap the target!

Not only that but it’s reported that they may also change the definition of poverty in order to lower the numbers of children in poverty.


But he didn’t leave it there. What he said next earned a collective ‘Oooh’ from the audience, but Adam carries on, making sure he get’s his point across!

Wow. If we’ve learnt one thing from this government it’s that politicians really love screwing vulnerable children.

You know, fuck em, absolutely fuck ’em!

You know that;s the problem with this country right now, you make a joke about politicians screwing children and people go ‘ooh, you can’t say that!’. No! No one can say it for 30 fucking years and that’s why they’ve been doing it!

We need to talk more about the fact that politicians are fucking children! In every sense.

Fair play to him. He isn’t even from this country, but feels strongly enough to say something, which is more than most people that are in a position to do so are prepared to do.

Watch the full section of the show here: