Adorable Dad Dresses Up As Frozen’s Anna To Sing And Dance With Three-Year-Old Daughter

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 15 Apr 2020 15:47

A heartwarming video has emerged of a dad dancing to Frozen with his daughter while both dressed as Anna. 

In the adorable clip, you see Aaron Matthews and his three-year-old daughter Cana run into the room while his wife Kelly films it all.


If it wasn’t sweet enough that Aaron practically knows all the words to the song playing, the dad of two also boasts his very own matching Anna dress to Cana’s.


Since sharing the video on social media, it’s gone on to receive over 110,000 shares and has been watched nearly four million times.

Speaking to UNILAD, Aaron, from Texas, explained how the idea came about.


He said:

Literally, I just decided “I want to do this”, so I gave my wife my phone and told her to cue up the movie to that part and we just improvved the whole thing.

We dance around like this all the time. This is just first time I’ve done it with a dress on.

Aaron actually purchased the dress (for himself) a few months ago for Halloween but felt the world wasn’t quite ready to see him in a dress. However, with lockdown causing boredom across the world, he decided to fish out the dress that was ‘catching dust’ and make his debut in it.

Adorable Dad Dresses Up As Frozen’s Anna To Sing And Dance With Three-Year-Old DaughterDisney

Following its popularity, Aaron did a video with his two daughters Cana and seven-month-old Amelia explaining why he did the video in a three-point list.

Aaron says:

Number one: I’d do anything for these girls. I’d do anything to make them laugh, to make them have a good time and, quite frankly, Frozen is her [Cana’s] absolute favourite. She watches Frozen and Frozen II kind of on repeat everyday.

Number two: we’re quarantined. We can’t go out and do anything so I’m running out of ideas to keep them entertained.

Number three: people just need to laugh. I love giving people a reason to laugh. Whatever it is to make people laugh, I’m going to do it.

Aaron also added that he’s had thousands of ‘amazing’ messages off people who have seen the video expressing their love of it and how it’s given them some hope.

dad wears anna from frozen dress and dances with daugherDisney

As Aaron said: ‘People need a reason to smile these days. There’s so much uncertainty in the world. Nuggets like this are what keep the human spirit believing in good’ – and he’s definitely not wrong.

Thanks for putting so many smiles and on so many faces, Aaron.

It’s okay to not panic about everything going on in the world right now. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization, click here.

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