Adult Actress Reveals Disturbing Messages She Received From ’12-Year-Old’


A French adult actress has taken to Twitter to share some incredibly explicit messages she’s received from children, as young as 12, asking for sex.

28-year-old Nikita Bellucci stated there was a complete lack of teaching in terms of sexual education, pointing to the messages from young teenagers as exact examples of the matter.

She went onto explain she was ‘tired of educating kids about sex’ in the tweet to her 160,000 followers.

One of the messages simply asked Nikita if she was interested in having sex with a ’12-year-old hottie’:

Another message, which was more explicit, said:

Hi, I am going on 13 years old and I am a fan of you. Would you f*ck me nude please?

Not only did Nikita share the tweet to her huge army of followers, but she also replied directly to the child who sent the message.

She wrote:

Dude, 13 years. Reflect on your actions, do your homework and don’t contact me again, if not I’ll send [the screen grab] to your parents.

After receiving countless filthy messages from youngsters, Nikita finally decided enough was enough and took to Twitter to write about her experiences.

She explained:

Yes, access to pornographic content is easy and unfortunately there’s not enough control, so it’s now normal to regularly receive messages from kids asking for photos, to take their virginity, or among other things I want to f*ck?

There’s a complete lack of prevention and it’s not up to [sex workers] to educate your kids. There’s no control, no surveillance on anything and then we always accuse the same.

I will not lower my head under the pretext I should be ashamed. It’s not for me to ask myself questions.

Although the internet provides countless positives here, there, and everywhere – there are certainly a lot of negatives.

Hopefully the parents of the world take note of Nikita’s tweet and begin to teach their children about sex more openly and honestly instead of allowing them to learn everything on the world wide web.