Airport Karen Gets Comeuppance For Calling Check-In Staff ‘A B*tch’

by : Daniel Richardson on : 21 Jul 2021 12:41
Airport Karen Gets Comeuppance For Calling Check-In Staff 'A B*tch'u/CantStopPoppin/Reddit

A manager at an airport expertly handled a ‘Karen’ after she had caused a scene and called a worker ‘a b*tch’.

We’re used to seeing the ridiculous videos of middle-aged women melting down in so-called ‘Karen’ videos, but we rarely see how people around them handle the situation.


Now, a Reddit post has shown how a manager of an airline desk dealt with one such angry customer, and the video has led to many commending the manager’s actions.

Check out the video:

In the video, the manager calmly explains to the woman that she will not be permitted to travel on the flight because she called his employee a ‘b*tch’. However, the woman tries to appeal the decision to keep her off the flight.


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The woman denies that she ever swore at the member of staff and the manager explains multiple people have said that this was the case. The manager then asks her not to lie and claims that she had already distorted the truth when she denied taking off her mask in the previous incident. On the back of this, the woman once again says she did not take off her mask.

At the end of the video, the manager walks away and the woman who caused the ruckus seems to be shocked by the interaction.

manager speaking to airport 'karen' (u/CantStopPoppin/Reddit)u/CantStopPoppin/Reddit

Safe to say, many have loved the interaction and people have drawn attention to the subtle comments of the manager. One person wrote ”You’re welcome to fly another airline. May I suggest Spirit?’ Absolute savage airline BURN by that guy. Bravo!’


Burns aside, others wrote about the manager’s qualities and people claimed he should do classes on how to handle irate people.

It’s unclear whether the ‘Karen’ got a flight with Spirit.

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